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Timeshare Management Software – Done Right!

Our centralized, fully integrated system helps drive business efficiency. You waste less time switching through all these different apps; booking channels, reservations, payments, accounting all the time.

Everything you need in one place – one login

Our centralized, fully integrated timeshare management software helps drive business efficiency. You waste less time switching through all these different apps; booking channels, reservations, payments, accounting all the time.

Fully Integrated

Includes any or all of the lead management, CRM, Sales and Tour management, maintenance fee billing & receivables management, front desk, and resort – property management syste, note servicing. All that – Fully Integrated.

Feature Highlights

Our Travel Club and Timeshare products were tailored to customer requests. They were not conceived by programmers or marketing departments, but were created to meet specific customer’s needs. Will these features give you and edge in your business? Are there specific cost benefits that can be identified?


Easy to manage owner, hotel and exchange guests reservations. Automated fixed ownership reservations and integrations with Booking.com, Expedia, SiteMinder, etc.

Customizable Reports

Built-in, highly customizable reporting module, fully integrated within the system. No need of importing/exporting data. No need of Cristal Reports training.

Tools for CRM

Helps you drive sales, build, and retain customers. Engage with owners and guests easily with configurable email blasts, confirmations, up-to-the-minute reports, and so much more.

Maintenance Ticketing

Maintenance ticketing is an easy and convinient way to manage your work orders and maintenance in your resort. You can assign responsible persons and print out their tasks.


Multiple areas of access through either our color coded detailed tape chart or straight from the menu, plus room status updates in real time. Arrival reports, night audits, and more…

Commissions Management

Rent Distribution for owners, association and other parties is easier than ever with our new development. you can track swaps and still know with a blink of an eye who will get paid, AND what.

Sales and Marketing

TSSI’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you drive sales, build, and retain customers. A commission feature to include everyone involved in the process, SPIFFS, tiered compensation, up-to-the-minute reports, and so much more.

Comprehensive Training

We make sure that you unlock the system’s full potential. That’s why you get access to our comprehensive knowledge base that includes training videos and manuals, along with online or on-site training sessions, and email or phone support forever!

Ownership Management

Ownership transfers, MFs management, Owner’s payments and related tasks happen in seconds. In addition, Everything related to one owner is synchronized and stored within their account. You will always know their status, ownerships, balance, and more.

The TSSI “All Inclusive” Pricing Model

TSSIs All-Inclusive Pricing Model solves one of our industries most frustrating software systems problems.

A flat monthly rate that includes: Fully Hosted Operating System, CRM, Licensing, Support, and responsive courteous Customer Service. Optional Extra’s: Channel Manager (OTAs), Owner Portal and more.

TSSI delivered the only web-based enterprise software with Oracle on the back end available in the business. It’s secure, redundant, highly customizable and scalable. For an organization like ours with multiple resorts, points and weeks-based environments and, complex API, data-mining and CRM requirements – TSSIs software and the services they provide was our best and only choice.

– Scott MacGregor
President, US Operations | The American Resort Collection

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