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Cloud Computing in the COVID-19 New World

Access your Timeshare Management Software easily and quickly from anywhere! Are you tired of needing to log into a remote server to access your software? Are you frustrated with the additional costs to manage the server? Are you concerned about your data security? At Rhea, we handle all of that for you. You will have easy and secure access from any computer or tablet device!

In our new COVID reality of safe distancing and stay-at-home curfews, the industry will need to be flexible and find ways to improve their service for a new way of travel and leisure. Most of these outdated industry software companies have walked away from updating their systems and the timeshare resorts are left to work with bare minimum support. Some of the on-premises timeshare software systems are so old that the timeshares are forced to keep an older operating system to be able to run their software and are not able to update their systems to perform optimally.

On-premises Software VS Rhea’s Cloud-Based Software

On-premises software can mean many things such as limited access on specific computers as requires installation, slower speeds, server problems, licensing, maintenance costs, upgrade fees, etc.

Rhea’s Cloud-based software means easy access from home or office, up to the minute reports, in house communication with house cleaning, lower cost of ownership, no IT support needed, and most importantly disaster recovery.

Whether you are already a Rhea user or have not become acquainted with it yet, we have just mentioned some of the advantages let’s take a closer look at some of those benefits:

  1. Easy access: The ability to access Rhea anywhere anytime since there is no software to download. Can be easily be accessed on a laptop or tablet. You can even login on your tablet to see reports, and anything else you need to see when you are out-and-about or in a meeting
  2. Reports: Real time reports, seamlessly integrated
  3. Night Audit: With new stay at home restrictions this can be easily handled from home
  4. Sales: Even without a sales team, you can stay connected with your owners and guests via our mass emailing functionality – send updates, notices or invoices and statements
  5. Lower cost of ownership: No 3rd party software for you to license, No hardware costs, No servers needed, No maintenance fees
  6. No IT support needed: No need to update operating systems or applications. No need to decommission outdated software, Nothing to maintain or upgrade
  7. Disaster recovery:Cloud-based computing keeps your timeshare running even when an emergency or disaster strikes without loss of service or data
  8. Owner Portal: Allows your owners to pay their dues online directly to you without any interaction. This saves you time and increases revenue as it is easily accessible by your owners and convenient

Using cloud-based software solutions means timeshares can quickly and more securely handle all activities throughout the resort from anywhere in the world. Owners can pay their dues online and your available units can be uploaded automatically to all popular travel agencies, just waiting to be booked. Once booked, reservations are automatically recorded in Rhea and your money is deposited to your bank account.

Are you taking advantage of all the extra time and money savings that Rhea’s cloud software has afforded you? If not, give our TSS team a call and we will be happy to help.

Best Regards and Keep Well!

From the TSS Staff


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