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We support fixed weeks, floating or both. Bulk reservations on fixed ownerships are available.
Ownership Management

Owner Account Management

Owner Profile – Ability to change update Information
Maintenance Fee Billings and Payments
Accounts Receivable (“A/R”) Billing for Maintenance Fees

Owner Usage

Confirm week and unit owned (Deeded, Right-to-use/Membership, Fixed unit / Fixed week, Float, Points)
Release unit for Rental or Exchange
Owner Rental – Owner listing their reservation for rent
Split Week Usage and Internal Exchange
If Delinquent – Flag unit so owner cannot confirm week or check-in (override)
Deposit for Exchange (Wait for Guest Name)
Third Party Release (Wait for Guest Name)
Bonus Time or Rental Reservation
Confirm Owner Reservation (with Guest Name)

Tools For CRM

A CRM system is chosen because it is thought to provide the following advantages:

Quality and efficiency
Decrease in overall costs
Increase in Profitability
Outside Sales, Contract, and Loan Management
Inventory Control and Property Management
Reservations and Confirmations
Accounting and Collections
Business Intelligence and Reporting
Administration and Configurability

Check-in/out, Night Audit
Verify Adults and Children
Room Charges and Folios
Vacant / Occupied / Out-of-Service (“OS”)
Arrival Date and Departure Date
Check-in Notes
Registration Cards
Maintenance Issues Tracking
Arrival Reports, etc.
Sale Packages
Managing Sales People and Assign Accounts To Different Sales Reps
Managing Sales Companies
Calls & Appointments
Comprehensive Reporting On S&M
Multi-Tier Assign Roles To Different Users
Mass Emails/Email Campaigns
Credit Card Payments Processing
Auto-Fill, Print, Store Documents
And More
Customizable Reports
Non-Usage of Owners, including Normal Usage and Internal Deposits
Availability Reports
Unused Deposits
Email Campaigns
Owner Lists with Owner Status
Points Balance Report
Unused Inventory
Owner Usage
New Night Audit Report package
And many more!
And More...
Our software is truly customized to the needs of every resort and resort manager based on the business rules you provide.
Lots of available API’s at low or no additional cost
Integrates seamlessly with other systems & websites
Full support of set-up, customization, and data migration at very reasonable prices
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership of all primary timeshare operating systems

RHEA | The Ultimate

All-InclusiveTimeShare Software!

Everything you need to make running your Resort efficient and portable. By automating the processes and saving you time, our solution allows you to focus on increasing profitability, hospitality and your guests vacation experience.

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