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Workations & More Bookings

Timeshares have been seeing an increase in bookings this autumn and not just because of the upcoming holidays, but because of workations.

Workations have been a thing for a little while already, but they might be the new norm. What is a workation? It is where a worker goes to unwind and relax on vacation, but also where they can work remotely.

“Remote workers are 20% more productive”

Before the pandemic workers used to go on their workations, because they were so strapped for time that they had to somehow integrate their vacation time and work, and this seemed to be the easiest compromise. It also kept the boss happy, even though they were taking a vacation they would still be working.


“15% of workers gave up on vacations because they did not have time to use them, and on the flip side 82% of employees check into the office daily while on vacation”

Pre-pandemic American workers were just simply overworked and stressed out. Now they are taking workations for an entirely different reason.


“Remote workers are happier, healthier and feel more valued”


“82% of telecommuters report lower stress”

Since there are new rules following the pandemic which has created a completely different work environment where people are now working remotely already it’s not about being overworked and stressed out.


“93% of respondents are more productive when working remotely”

Stuck at home every day and all day going on for months stretching into what feels like years. Not being able to go out to your favorite café, or just things that we took for granted are just not options anymore. Taking the time to go to a timeshare for a week and work is like a home away from home giving them the opportunity to become focused and at the same time get outside and walk around and experience nature or new sights. Just something different and separate from the stale day-to-day they’ve been subjected to for the better part of the year.

“Workation clients found a renewed sense of inspiration when traveling and learned valuable skills and tools whilst working remotely.”


“Remote workers cite they accomplish 30% more in less time”

Timeshares are taking advantage of the new booking opportunities and letting their guests know that the Wi-Fi has been turned up, and cleaning protocols have been upgraded for their safety and comfort.

If you haven’t seen an uptick in your bookings maybe you can remind your members and guests there are more reasons to take advantage of reservations than they might be thinking of.

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